The City of Sydney Law Society came into existence on 21 July 1992 and was incorporated on 14 September 1992 as an independent association of lawyers. It was formed to meet the needs of legal practitioners in any size firms, employees in the corporate and public sectors, and advocates, in the CBD. We provide a local Forum where we talk on matters of common interest and be briefed on such matters. We provide networking opportunities, meetings with notable speakers, lobbying for change to help our practices and the community, provide information of interest and importance in Newsletters and in outstanding seminars and functions.

The City of Sydney Law Society has adopted the following objects:

Communication • Fraternity • Professional Co-operation

Meetings of the Committee, the Forum, Dinners, Seminars, Briefings and other activities are regular events for members. Suggestions for future activities are welcome.

  • Individual Membership  $33.00*
  • Newly Admitted (admitted 1 - 2 years) - $22.00* 
  • Student Membership - $11.00*
Membership is currently for a six month period : July - December 2020.

*All prices include 10% GST.

Membership is "personal" to the individual and is not transferable within the firm.

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