Nominations for 2019 Election of the Commitee of  

City of Sydney Law Society 

Annual General Meeting to be held 

Thursday 14 November 2019, The Press Room, Radisson Blu Hotel

66 Pitt Street Sydney, 5:30pm


Current CSLS Committee Member

Admitted 1993. Emeritus Professor of Law at UTS, having been Dean of the Faculty (1997 - 2005). Member of the City of Sydney Law Society since 1995 and President in 2009. Secretary/Fellow of the Australian Academy of Law, Secretary of the Australasian Law Academics Association, current member of the NSW Law Society's Licensing, Indigenous Issues and Government Solicitors Committee and author of A History of Australian Legal Education.  Formerly Chair of the Council of the Australian Law Deans and member NSW Legal Profession Admission Board. 


Current CSLS Committee Member

Corporate/private practice, sole practitioner.  Experienced in general, injury, litigating fraud claims. member of three CSLS subcommittees.  Also on  Ethnic Communities Council NSW Executive Forum, Women Lawyers NSW, National Council for Women, NSW Law Society's Discrimination and Inclusion subcommittee (also Disability and Multi-Cultural).  Over 20 years of Committee work- AG's Quarter Way to Equal Task Force; NSW Law Society subcommittees and Wills Week; Association Superannuation Funds Australia, peak body (Trusteeship/Reporting Standards), Vice President - Women Lawyers NSW, AZA NSW. Founding Director Radio 2000FM,  ECC  Women's Convenor - Legal,  Volunteer Marrickville Centre,  introduced Global Reinsurer to India. Championing profession - public image, retaining/increasing practice areas, affordable services, work/life balance, fostering interstate links, Human Rights. 

Alexandra BRADLEY

Current CSLS Committee Member

Admitted 1995.  Sole practitioner based in Sydney CBD. General Practice, Wills & Estates, Commercial and General litigation.  Areas of concern:  representation of the interests of small legal practices, assisting in CLE seminars, breakfast seminars,  developing the fraternity among  members by actively participating in the implementation of social activities such as the Annual Dinner. 
 Jessica BUNN

Newly admitted solicitor having completed Diploma in Law with LPAB/SAB in 2018.  Currently working at Blanchfield Nicholls Family & Private Advisory.  I primarily work in Wills and Estates which is my passion and I also do family law. Prior to becoming a solicitor I worked in the Dust Disease Tribunal and District Court of NSW as a tipstaff to Judge Russell.  In the future I hope to work solely in Wills and Estates and would consider becoming a succession barrister.  I wish to join the Committee of the City of Sydney Law Society to represent the interest of young Wills and Estates solicitors.

 Wayne DIXON

Current CSLS Committee Member

Principal Dixon Lawyers.  Practising in Commercial  Law Transactions and Litigation,  Real Property and Mortgage Fraud, Transport and Employment Law, Conveyancing, Family Law, Wills and Estates and criminal law.  Was actively involved in analysing the NSW Lease of LPI and the ramifications on indefeasibility of the Land Titles System. Previous positions held including Public Officer, President and Vice President of Eastern Suburbs District Junior Rugby Club. Current CSLS Public Officer.  Strongly believes in serving and contributing to the community and as a CSLS Committee member allows for the contribution to the legal profession and continuing education. 


Current CSLS President

Admitted in 1987, suburban sole practitioner since 2006.  Now practising solely in Criminal Law, previously practised in Criminal Law, Family Law, Personal Injury, Workers Compensation, Commercial Litigation and Conveyancing.   Committed to the rule of law and the assault on it by successive governments using the "law and order" debate to erode civil liberties.  Keen to address the  problems faced by women with children in the profession,  having experienced the difficulties in obtaining employment following a time away from the profession caring for children. 


Current CSLS Committee Member

Admitted 1981.  Sole city practice areas of law include Property, Finance, Trusts, Corporate, Business and Estate Planning.  Particular areas of interests are business operations of small practices, advocating for provision by NSW Law Society of relevant, useful and timely services for small legal practices and improvement in current services provided, encouraging the dissemination of issues and ideas between CSLS members for the benefit of all members and promoting the benefits of membership of the CSLS. 

Robert EAVES

Current CSLS Committee Member

Formerly secretary of CSLS. Implemented the PLT Scheme of the Society with the aim of providing a gateway to enable completion of admission qualifications for students who otherwise were denied such opportunity.  Has been the coordinator of a number of Law Week Breakfast events. Has been the liaison person for universities generally and in particular for the Society's local university, UTS. Promoted CSLS at various careers fairs at UTS and other campuses. Coordinator of charity collections at the Society's functions.  Motivated to implement the Society's actions to assist small firm practitioners. 


Current CSLS Treasurer

Admitted 1984.  Employed by Department of Communities and Justice. Practises Administrative Law, Family Law and Care and Protection.  Areas of particular interest and concern: Burden of Cost Disclosure Regulations, Cost of CPD, effect of regulations and reporting on solicitors, rapidly changing technology. 


Current CSLS Committee Member

Admitted 2003.  Sole practitioner practising in the areas of Wills and Estates litigation, Family Law and Criminal Law


Current CSLS Committee Member

Admitted 1987.  Employed at senior solicitor at Stacks Goudkamp practising in Personal Injury Litigation. Particular interest in Tort Law reform. 


Current CSLS Committee Member

Sole practitioner practising in the areas of Property and Commercial Law, Criminal Defence Law, Family Law, Wills and Estate Law, Elder Law and Litigation.  


Current CSLS Secretary

Admitted 1988. Sole practitioner practising in Property and Litigation.  Of particular interest is that sole practices continue to exist and collaborate with each other. 

 Mani NAIR

Current CSLS Committee Member

Admitted 1986.  Sole practitioner practising in Administrative Law and Litigation.  A particular desire to do justice and to see that justice is done and for this reason I do substantial pro-bono work in Administrative Law.

 Margarita PATRICK

Current CSLS Committee Member

Sole practitioner.  Practising in advisory in English and Russian language in areas of Unfair Trade Practices, Consumer Law, Debt Recovery. Consultations in areas of Immigration problems and Notary Public Services.
 Tijana PETKOVICI have been a Family Lawyer for 12 years. I am proud to be a Director of one of Sydney's leading and most respected Family Law firms. The work I do is varied, challenging and fast paced. I particularly enjoy working on Family Law matters with international elements.  I believe in building positive relationships with clients and fellow practitioners and resolving matters through collaboration. I am on the committee of Women's Nexus - a business and professional  women's networking organisation and a member of the Family Law Section of the Council of Australia and Women Lawyers Association NSW.


Current CSLS Committee Member

Admitted 1962.  Sole practitioner. Small firm practitioner in Wollstonecraft practising Criminal Law, Administrative Law and Advisings.  Responsible for organising the Duty Solicitors Scheme at the Downing Centre Local Court and CSLS Annual Cocktail Function.


Current CSLS Vice President

Admitted in 1999. Sole practitioner practising in IT Law, Civil Litigation, Wills and Estates.  Areas of particular interest are Small Law, Technology and well-being. I passionately want to see the members thrive and the Society grow.
 Anthony SHAWI am currently a solicitor Blanchfield Nicholls Family and Private Advisory, which is a leading Family Law firm in Sydney.  I commenced this role in June 2018 after I was admitted as a solicitor in March 2018.  My work primarily consists of Family Law but I have occasionally worked on Wills and Estate matters.  Prior to commencing my role at Blanchfield Nicholls  I was an Associate to both her Honour Judge Henderson (as she then was) and then to his Honour Deputy Chief Justice McClelland.  I am currently a member of the NSW Young Lawyers Society.


Current CSLS Committee Member

Admitted 1986. Sole practitioner practising in Litigation, Conveyancing, Leasing, Wills and Estates.  Particularly concerned with the erosion of work and costs.  Interested in good quality and cheap CPDs that are relevant and less regulation for the profession. 

 Deborah TRESISE

Current CSLS Committee Member

Founding and principal solicitor at Baxter Warne Legal.  Areas of expertise include Family Law, Elder Law, Wills and Estates. Practice includes disputed Will claims and support for small business.  Deborah is known for her pragmatic and empathetic advice and personal connection with her clients. Committed to developing streamlined legal processes through application of emerging technologies resulting in cost effective outcomes for every day clients. 


Current CSLS Committee Member

Current City Member - NSW Law Society, Councillor and Paired Councillor of CSLS. Current member of the Law Society Professional Conduct, Injury Compensation and Audit and Finance Committees.   Previously a member of Disclosure, Medico-Legal Liaison Committee, LPAB Legal Qualifications and CSLS Committee member.  Regularly presents CPD seminars for the Region on topics such as professional regulation and uniform law.
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