City of Sydney Law Society Annual Dinner

Wednesday 14 November 2018
Radison  Blu Hotel, 66 Pitt Street Sydney, 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Guest Speaker  - The Hon Justice Hammerschlag

Head of Commercial, Technology & Construction and Commercial Arbitration Lists

Equity Division, Supreme Court of New South Wales

A talk on  "Arbitration and Zebras" 

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Nominations for City of Sydney Law Society  Committee
AGM Wednesday 14 November 2018 

David Barker AM Emeritus Professor of Law at UTS, having been Dean of the Faculty 1997-2005. Admitted as a practising solicitor in 1993, a member of the Committee of the City of Sydney Law Society since 1995 and President in 2009. He is Secretary/Fellow of the Australian Academy of Law, Secretary of the Australasian Law Academics Association, current member of the NSW Law Society’s Licensing, Indigenous Issues and Government Solicitors Committees and author of A History of Australian Legal Education. Formerly Chair of the Council of the Australian Law Deans and member NSW Legal Profession Admission Board. 
Mahrukh Batliwalla BA LLB SAB. Over 20 years’ committee work.  Experience in general, Injury, litigating fraud claims, corporate/ private practice, own business.  CSLS Committee: 3 subcommittees,  Ethnic Communities Council NSW (ECC) Executive/ Forum,  Women Lawyers NSW,  National Council of Women.  Vice President - Women Lawyers NSW and AZA NSW.  NSW Law Society 2 subcommittees plus Wills weeks, Assoc. Superannuation Funds Australia, peak body (Trusteeship/ Reporting Standards), Founding Director Radio 2000FM,ECC Women’s Convenor, Legal, Volunteer Marrickville Centre and  Introduced Global Reinsurer to India.  Championing profession: public image, retaining/ increasing practice areas, affordable services, work life balance,fostering interstate links
 Alexandra Bradley Principal solicitor admitted in 1995.  Sole practitioner with a general practice - will & estates, commercial and general litigation. Areas of concern and of particular interest is representation of the interests of small legal practices, assisting in CLE Seminars and social events, developing the fraternity among members by participating in the implementation of CSLS functions such as the Annual Dinner
 Stephen Bell  Principal solicitor admitted in 1987. Past President of CSLS 2013 - 2015. Accredited Specialist Family Law, Independent Childrens Lawyer. Nationally accredited Family Law Mediator
 Wayne Dixon Director / Partner in Hassett Dixon solicitors for over 20 years. Areas of practice include Commercial law transactions and litigation, Real Property law and Mortgage Fraud, Transport, Employment , Family, Wills and Estate law. Actively involved this year in analysing the NSW lease of our LPI and the ramifications on indefeasibility of our land system of title. Previous positions held include; Public Officer, Vice President and President of Eastern Suburbs District Junior Rugby club, Bondi Breakers and McAuley Junior football clubs, previous lifesaver at Bondi Beach. He strongly believes in serving and contributing to the community and as a CSLS committee member allows for the contribution to the legal profession and continuing education.  
 Colleen Donnelly  Current CSLS Vice President.  Principal solicitor admitted in 1987. Sole practitioner practising in Criminal Law, Human Rights and Civil Liberties. Volunteer Solicitor at the Downing Centre Duty Solicitors Scheme.
 Kerry Donohoe BCom LLB (Major-Accounting) Principal solicitor admitted in 1981. Sole City Practice. Areas of law include property, finance, trusts, corporate, business and estate planning.  Areas of particular interests and concerns:  Business operations of small practices, advocating for provision by NSW Law Society of relevant, useful and timely service for small legal practices and improvement in current services provided, encouraging the dissemination of issues and ideas between CSLS members for the benefit of all members and promoting the benefit of membership of the CSLS to encourage new members.
 Robert Eaves A long term member of the City of Sydney Law Society.  Current committee member and past secretary.  Robert has been the coordinator of several Annual Law Week Breakfast events.  He is the coordinator of the Society's PLT Programme assisting law graduates to fulfill their practical legal training requirements for admission and assists in the organising of the Society's charity work.  Robert is a generalist sole practitioner with particular interest in juvenile justice, elder law, domestic violence issues 
 Nea Goodman Admitted in 1983. LLB (first class honours), LLM UTS, LLM (College of Law).  Long standing CSLS committee member. President in 1999/2000. Government Legal Practitioner.  Department of Family & Community Services. Care and protection, family law, personal injury.   Areas of particular interest and concerns:  CSLS to provide services to members at affordable  costs/free where possible and relevant up to date CLR.  Providing networking opportunities, fraternity and friendly gatherings.
 Igor Kazagrandi Admitted 2004.  Past CSLS Treasurer. Sole practitioner practising in ILP, family law, wills and estates and criminal law.  Areas of particular interest and concerns:  To protect sole practitioners from over regulation and to create a sense of belonging to a profession.
Con Ktenas  BCom, LLB, LLM. Admitted in 1987. Employed in private practice in personal injury.  CSLS President 2015 - 2018. Areas of particular interest and concerns: providing affordable CPDs, rights of solicitors to represent clients in all Tribunals.
 Telmo Martins BBus MLLP.  Sole practice in the areas of property and commercial law, criminal defence law, family law, wills and estate law, elder law and litigation. Areas of particular interest and concerns:  Criminal and family law jurisprudence, as well as wills litigation and contested estates.
 George Mavrakis Sole practitioner. Admitted 1988 Dip Law (SAB). Sole practice in property and litigation.  Areas of particular interest and concerns:  Small practices continuing to exist and collaborate with each other. 
 Mani Nair  Sole practitioner. Admitted NSW 1990. Practising in Administrative and Constitutional Law.Areas of particular interest and concerns:  To encourage regular contact amongst members of CSLS and colleagues. 
 Margarita Patrick Lawyer and Notary. advising in English and Russian languages in area of unfair trading practices, consumer law, debt recovery, consultations in areas of immigration problems and Notary public services.   Volunteer solicitor at the Downing Centre Duty Solicitors scheme.
 Paul Power  Admitted 1987.  Retired Solicitor and Patent Attorney.  Long standing CSLS Committee member. Areas of particular interest and concerns:  Profile of the Society in CBD, continued growth of membership numbers,  quality and relevance of seminars.  Concerned about the diminution of collegiality.
 Anthony Restuccia  Admitted in 1962. Sole practitioner practising in criminal law, administrative law and advising.   Responsible for implementing the Duty Solicitors Scheme at the Downing Centre Local Court and organising the CSLS Cocktail Function with Judges and Magistrates. Long standing CSLS Committee member.  Past CSLS President 2005 - 2008.
 Phillip Roberts Admitted 1996. Sole practitioner specialising in IT law, civil litigation and family law matters. Member of Law Society Litigation Law and Practice Committee, Hon. Secretary CSLS, Committee Member NSW Society for Computers and the Law.  I aim to do more than just defend the profession. I am committed to proactively supporting members' wellbeing, promoting the viability of legal practices in a changing market and raising members' concerns. i also support retaining areas of practice and the law Society's role in lobbying to protect members' interests. 
 Charles Stanford  Admitted 1986. Sole practitioner in litigation, conveyancing, leases, wills and estates.  Areas of particular interest and concerns:  Concerned about the erosion of work and costs.  Interested in good quality and cheap CPDs that are relevant. Less regulation for the profession. 
 Deborah Tresise  Admitted in 2015.  Extensive experience in technology and its application across all sectors, in particular Deborah is committed to adoption of technology underpinning both client service and access to justice.
 Mark Warton

Current City Member Law Society Councillor and the paired Councillor for the City of Sydney Law Society. Current member of the Law Society Professional Conduct, Injury Compensation and Audit and Finance Committees. Previously a member of Disclosure,Medico-Legal Liaison Committees, L.P.A.B Legal Qualifications Committee and the City of Sydney Law Society Committee. I regularly present CPD seminars for the Region on topics such as professional regulation and uniform law.

 Pauline Wong Admitted 2009.BA, BBUS, MComm JD. Sole practitioner specialising in property, leases, family law, estates, civil and criminal litigation. 

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